Keeping your bike tuned is very important. Regular tune-ups help riders catch problems before they turn into major disasters. They also ensure bikes operate at peak performance. Whether cruisin’ down to the grocery store on your commuter bike or training for a race, you will always notice the difference of a bicycle in good working order.

We want to ensure that every rider feels comfortable bringing their steed to Nielsens Bicycles. Whether you have a hand-me-down that needs some love, or you’re looking to purchase a brand new bicycle, each and every bike will receive the same treatment.

Basic Tune Up $29.99

Adjust brakes and gears

Lubricate drive train

Quick wipe down of frame

Safety bolt check of all nuts and bolts

Inspect overall condition of the bike

Safety Check

Test ride

Full Tune Up $79.99

Wheels off and Inspected

Hubs checked and adjusted

Free hub cleaned (if applicable)

Brakes adjusted

Shifting adjusted

Tubeless sealant top up (if applicable)

Tire pressure set

Crank off

Bottom Bracket Inspected

Headset Inspected and Adjusted

Seat post inspected

Inner Cable changed on dropper post (if applicable)

Fork inspected

Suspension pivots Inspected (if applicable)

Fasteners Checked

Frame Wipe Down

Test Ride

Service Add-Ons

Drive Train Clean & Lube

Bleed Brakes (Front & Rear)

Seat Post Service (Remote cable change/bleed)

Fork/Shock Service

Full Suspension Frame Service